Ah yes, welcome to the part of my website where I get to talk about myself! First off, I'm Helen Nichols, and as you can probably tell, my favorite color is yellow. My hometown is a beautiful little place in Pennsylvania called Kennett Square, but it's also known as the mushroom capital of the world, so it smells quite often. We drop a big lit up mushroom at each New Year's celebration though, so I guess that makes up for it.


I've recently relocated myself to Savannah, Georgia to pursue a double major in graphic design and illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Currently, I'm in my second year, and loving it so far! I always have a project that I'm working on (or should be working on), but i can't complain when I get to make such fun, vibrant pieces! I find immense joy in what I do, I love creating vibrant pieces that leave a lasting impression on a viewer and spark conversations. 

Outside of class, I can usually be found at the yoga studio learning new ways to make myself into a human pretzel. It's a phenomenal way to de-stress, and a great party trick. If I'm not there, the next best bet is one of the many coffee shops scattered around the city, as I am always a sucker for baked goods and a sugary drink. Kinda cancels out the yoga I guess. 


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