TV show Billboard scene

A mock billboard illustration advertising a TV show where three aliens adopt a cat after visiting a post-apocalyptic Earth.


Just in case the final leaves you wanting more 

Character Lineup

Before creating the full design, I concepted characters around the idea of a TV show where three alien girls travel to Earth, but are met with a post-apocalyptic planet. They find this one cat that has somehow survived unscathed, despite being seemingly devoid of any brain power. They fall in love with the dopey little cat and decide to stay on Earth to restore its previous beauty. 

WIP Shots

I chose to pose my characters in a way that is reminiscent of a family portrait, and I used the tendrils and tail of two of the characters to frame them in the canvas. I wanted the abstract patterning in the background to add a sense of movement to the piece, but be subtle enough to not take attention away from the characters.


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