Cheesesteaks of Philadelphia

A map depicting the six best places to get a cheesesteak in Philly (in my opinion) made for!

Always open to suggestions of new places to try! :)

Check out the map on Theydrawandtravel's site


Sadly, no cheesesteaks were eaten in the making of this piece. :(

Mind Map

For this project, I started by creating a mindmap that included all of the restaurants I remember being good, and also some that came highly recommended via the Internet to gather the places I'd include on my map. Branching off of the names, I added characteristics of each place, for my own research and fun.

Layout Roughs

I played with layout ideas around the concept of a treasure map, a view from 95, and an aerial view of the entire city. I decided on the concept of the view from 95, as it's one of the major roads leading into the city and offers a beautiful skyline view. These layouts were drawn on the back of the armature I used to structure my map which make up the faint lines over each of the sketches.


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