Show us your type - Genoa

Two typographic poster submissions for the Spring 2019 edition of the Show Us Your Type competition, highlighting the Italian city Genoa. Competition submissions were asked to create a typographic poster highlighting the city or one of its characteristics. I chose to revolve both of mine around the importance of being a port city to Genoa's economy.

Architecture, and coastal views of Genoa


A sneak peek into what happens behind the curtain


Type Studies

From my moodboard, I searched for typefaces that I thought emulated the beautiful and lively energy of the city. I put together a grouping of ten that I found interesting, seeing how they look in all caps and all lowercase. Although many I found only came in caps. 

Rough Sketches

Using typefaces from my type specimen, I began experimenting with different ways to arrange letters or repeat the word to create an interesting composition.

Tight Compositions and Color Studies

From my rough sketches, I was inspired by a treatment that resembled cursive, and chose to render my hand-drawn cursive to create genoa, and then add swirls around it that not only echoed the flow of the letters, but created an ocean scene, as Genoa is a port city.  I played around with different yellows and blues inspired by sunny beach days.

From the first poster design, I had the idea to design a composition around using the "o' as a ripple in water.  I chose to spell Genoa as Genova in this piece, as both spellings were correct and accepted, and "genova" allowed for the ripple to be closer to the center. I used the color studies to focus on what tint of blue made Genova stand out, but still feel unified with the water and boat.


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