Mock New Yorker Cover commenting on gender expression


it didn't just appear from thin air!


I was interested in illustrating a variety of concepts for the New Yorker cover, all from social anxiety to annoyance at twitter to breaking gender norms. I really enjoyed my top right and bottom left compositions and decided to follow both of the into the rough sketch phase.

Rough Sketches

My concept for the first composition was to illustrate someone who has features of both genders, and have them looking through "glasses" made up of the two gender signs to show that they view the world from both perspectives.

My second concept was to portray the idea of social anxiety by illustrating someone looking uncomfortable/crying because they feel like there are so many eyes watching them, The eyes would be portrayed graphically while the face is rendered, to show that not everyone's eyes are watching them, and that it is just something perceived in their head.

After receiving feedback, I went with my first concept, as it was more clearly expressed in my composition.


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