wallows concert poster series

A set of three mock poster ads for the Wallows concert in Charleston.


A sneak peek into what happens behind the curtain

Thumbnail Sketches

First, I created nine rough ideations of the three posters for the triptych, and decided on combining the ideas of the top and bottom left. I liked the fun, free-flowing poses of the first, and enjoyed the cassette heads of the other. I thought the poses and heads would work well to show the energy and playfulness of their music.

Tighter Sketches

A step to solidify where I wanted the poses to be, and how I wanted the type to interact and warp with the image. 

Tonal Roughs

Using a rougher sketch than my previous, I laid out the lights and darks of the posters, making sure all parts of the composition were clear.

Color Studies

I used screenshots from the band's music video for their song "Pleaser" as inspiration for color studies for continuity.


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